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Azerbaijan clears stain on UN and members of Security Council - ANALYSIS

Azerbaijan implementing counteroffensive operation liberates its territories being under occupation. While Armenia and its patrons understanding that it was defeated in military terms have started to talk about the importance of international law, human rights, peace negotiations.

It is interesting why they remembered international law, peace negotiations now? Why does nobody want to pay attention to the fact that the aggressor country doesn’t respect international law and refuses to withdraw from the territories occupied by it?
Why the people who remembered today the supremacy of international law don’t touch upon non-fulfillment for 27 years of 4 resolutions regarding the Nagorno Garabagh conflict adopted by the UN Security Council? It seems that as if these documents don’t exist at all and have never existed...

The approaching of the solution of Garabagh conflict with double standards by international organizations is clearly seen. The whole world knows how rapidly the resolutions adopted by the UN were implemented when actions, crises occurred in Yugoslavia, Libya, and other regions. But why 4 UN resolutions regarding Nagorno Garabagh have been left on the table and haven’t been implemented for about 30 years?

The UN Security Council adopted resolution #822 on April 30, 1993, after the occupation of Kelbejer. The resolution demands putting an end to the military operations, unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian troops from Kelbejer, and the Azerbaijani lands occupied by it in recent times. Resolution #853 adopted on July 29, 1993, also demands putting an end to the military operations in the region, withdrawal of the Armenian troops from Agdam, and the Azerbaijani lands occupied by it in recent times. It is also demanded in this resolution that resolution #822 should also be complied with. Meanwhile, resolution #874 adopted on October 14, 1993 demands to sign the ceasefire agreement, to halt military operations and to withdraw the Armenian troops from Fuzuli (occupied on August 23, 1993), Jabrail (August 26, 1993), Gubadli (September 30, 1993) and other regions occupied by it in recent times. The demand for compliance with the previous resolutions ##822 and 853 has also found its reflection in this resolution.

In the fourth resolution, #884 regarding the Nagorno Garabagh conflict adopted on November 12, 1993, the ceasefire violations that resulted in another resumption of military operations between the parties are condemned, Armenia is requested to use all means of the influence of Armenians over the so-called republic. It is demanded in the resolution that the military operations should be immediately stopped, the Armenian armed groups should withdraw from the recently occupied regions including the Zangilan region. And in the end, it is demanded that the previously adopted resolutions ## 822, 853, 874 should be complied with.

As is seen, the four resolutions adopted by the UN SC in regard to the Garabagh conflict in which it is demanded that the Armenian troops should unconditionally withdraw from the Azerbaijani territories occupied by it haven’t been implemented for 27 years, while recently even the UN itself didn’t already mention the titles of these resolutions. It seemed as if these resolutions were adopted by a community of some village of some region of some country, the large states of the world didn’t sign this document.

Today, people who accuse Azerbaijan can’t answer the question saying “why these resolutions are not implemented?”. The EU, CE, UN, US adopt sanctions against Russia in connection with Crimea, Ukraine, but a blind eye is turned to Armenia’s aggression. It is another question what are the interests of the great powers in not putting pressure on Armenia, but Azerbaijan can’t sacrifice its interests for anybody. It is seen that the UN has already turned into a rather voluntary association, and no mechanism of influence has been left in the hand of the organization.

It shouldn’t also be forgotten that the UN Security Council is under monopoly. 5 permanent members should come to a consensus in order to adopt a decision in the organization. And in this case, the interests of the US, France, and the United Kingdom always coincide. While China and Russia can veto a number of issues in that or another form.
Therefore, such issues as the use of force versions in the implementation of those resolutions are removed from the agenda. From this viewpoint, the implementation of the four resolutions adopted in regard to Nagorno Garabagh also arises just from the factor of the UN being a toothless organization. Just for this reason, the issue of making a change in the UN structure has been raised from time to time by Germany, Russia, Turkey, Spain.

In fact, the UN recognizes those territories as an integral part of Azerbaijan by demanding the unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied territories. From this viewpoint, the resolutions are significant, but pressure, force should be applied to Armenia for its implementation. While the UN doesn’t want to resort to this, therefore Azerbaijan retains the right to wage a struggle against terrorism on its own territory.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly declared that the ways of a peaceful solution of the conflict haven’t exhausted yet but the opposite side makes peace negotiations impossible by continuing the occupation.

Also, note that the position of the countries engaged in mediation regarding the conflict is exactly known. Therefore, in fact, the confidence in the UN and other institutions also decreases. The question is that the non-implementation by Armenia of 4 resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council until today has also been repeatedly stressed by President Ilham Aliyev. The fact of occupation of Nagorno Garabagh and 7 regions surrounding it by Armenia has found its reflection in the documents adopted by respectable institutions, Armenia demonstrating disrespect to these institutions as well, continues to kill Azerbaijan’s civilian population.

Thus, everybody has been turning a blind eye to the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories for about 30 years. While the persons who remembered the existence of international law after the demonstration by Baku of its own force and starting by it of the counteroffensive operation, “peace doves” started to emerge. The persons who remained silent in regard to resettlement of Armenians from various countries to the occupied territories in order to change ethnic composition, destruction of graves, historical monuments, mosques proving that Azerbaijanis lived there and demolition of the whole infrastructure now have started to concern about the counteroffensive operation of Baku.

In fact, all knew that the ceasefire will not last forever. We should also note that although an agreement was reached in August of 1993, Armenians did not follow it and occupied the Gubadli region. The ceasefire has always been necessary for Armenians to get time in order to occupy new territories.

On October 14, 1993, the UN SC again discussing the Nagorno Garabagh conflict, welcomed “Adjusted Timetable of Urgent Steps” prepared by the Minsk Group in Resolution #874 and the possibility of the resolution of the conflict on the basis of the plan was noted. The resolution was not different from the previous one from a content point of view. Concern regarding the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan, re-escalation of military operations in the frontline zone, a large number of casualties, and occupation facts of Azerbaijani territories was expressed in the Resolution, CSCE’s efforts aimed at elimination of the conflict were supported, and territorial integrities of states were approved once more. However, besides all of these, names of the sides, which committed aggression and which was subjected to aggression, were not noted, characterization of the conflict as a problem between Armenians of Nagorno Garabagh region and Azerbaijan was stressed. On the other side, it was interesting that anything was not said in Resolution #874 on Azerbaijan’s recently-occupied regions. However, concrete names of the occupied regions were included in the previous resolutions.

Armenia’s ignorance of the documents, adopted by international organizations demonstrated itself in October of 1993 once more.

Armenian armed forces occupied Azerbaijan’s Zangilan region when CSCE Chairman was on a visit to the region. It was the next occurrence, which expressed a guarantee of objective assessment of the international union. However, no one wanted to stop aggressive Armenia.

Those, mentioned above, should be considered shameful for international law, the UN, and other prestigious organizations in the Nagorno Garabagh history. 

Today, Azerbaijani Army is providing international law, justice indeed. None of the bodies, none of the countries can make Azerbaijan deprived of the right. Azerbaijan, in fact, is doing, what should be done by the UN, is removing the stain on the UN and member states of the Security Council, which adopted known 4 resolutions. The UN which required unconditional withdrawal of Armenia from occupied territories is helpless, the Azerbaijani Army realizes it. Thus, Azerbaijan’s fight against terrorism should be supported – by both the UN, other international organizations, and progressive mankind. Because, the political leadership of Armenia is a source of danger for the whole region, the whole world. Azerbaijan is fighting for the security of the region and world today and achieving great success.

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